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Old Students News 2002

President: Janet Ollier
Hon. Sec. Monica Connor
8 Staines Close,
Appleton, Warrington,
Cheshire, WA4 5NP
email: moncon@nildram.co.uk

Dear OSA Member,

In the last Newsletter I promised to let you know when the next (electronic only) edition is published. Well, I am pleased to say that the 2002 Newsletter should be on our website, www.lymm.net/oldstudents by the beginning of May. Please log on!

If you do not have internet facilities in your home (or office), try your local library. I'm sure the assistants will be happy to help you get 'on-line'. Should you need to get in touch with other members, please try the website Bulletin Board or write or e-mail me at the addresses above. If you require a written reply, please enclose a SAE.

It is with much sadness that we report the death of Henry Collin on 17th November at 94. Henry loved his old school and the OSA. He was a pupil from 1919 to 1926 and became our treasurer in 1947. Meetings and functions were never dull when Henry was present. His love of life, sport and people made him very special. He is much missed. As a memorial to Henry, the OSA is presenting the School with a new annual prize called THE HENRY B. COLLIN CRICKET TROPHY FOR THE BEST ALL-ROUNDER.

More sad news came in January with the death of Jim Brocklehurst who was a pupil from 1926 to 1931. He was 87. Jim had worked abroad for many years but since his return to Appleton after retirement he had been a stalwart supporter of the OSA and a dedicated committee member, serving as President in 1999.

Henry and Jim featured on the cover of the last Newsletter in their OSA blazers advertising the new website. How sad to lose our two 'elders' in such a short period.

Recently we enjoyed a screening of some of the old school films which, we reported last year, had been 'unearthed' at the North West Film Archives. The event was advertised in the local press and on the OSA website. We were amazed when about 80 members turned up. If there is enough interest in seeing more footage, we will arrange a 'sequel'.

'2A' OF 1951
Robert Lloyd, Alan Rainford and Peter Priestner are organising a reunion for their contemporaries. Robert's addresses are Moss View Cottage, 13 Kent Terrace, London, NW1 4RP and Robertlloyduk@aol.com. Drop him a line!

An Apology.
Owing to a secretarial error on my part P. Rothwell was included in last year's obituary list.
I am pleased to say that Philip is "alive and kicking" as Head of Countryside Policy, RSPB at the Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire. Very sorry for the error Philip.

Best wishes to all. Keep in touch!

Hon. Sec.


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