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Golf Competition


When the Newsletter went to press in April 2001 we had no plans for our Annual Golf Competition. Not until August did we have an offer to organise it. We were very pleased to accept the gesture from Nev. Morral, who is Secretary at Warrington Golf Club. Nev was at the School in the late fifties - you may remember his athletic prowess!

It was late notice but we did circulate our regulars. It was necessary to book a Society Day at the club and it was fixed for Wednesday, 31st. October.
Unfortunately only ten golfers took part.

Until the end of October the weather had been pleasant and mild, but on 31st. October Winter came! It was very cold, pretty windy and there were a lot of leaves about. Conditions were certainly not ideal for golf but, as always, someone manages to conquer the elements.
We were delighted that Nev Morral took the trophy with 37 points which was, on the day a wonderful score. Dick Irons took the Visitors' Prize.

Following the Competition twenty two of us enjoyed a very tasty meal and enjoyed a splendid evening in the Clubhouse.

In the absence of the President, the prizes were presented by Jim Brocklehurst.

Jim was delighted with the trophy winner, and made reference to his pal at school (LGS 1926-31) who was no other than the father of Nev Morral!

This year's competition is to be held at Warrington Golf Club on Wednesday, 2nd October, 2002.

Teeing Off between Noon and 2pm.
The inclusive cost for Dinner and Golf will be £30
The cost for anyone wishing to join the group for Dinner ( and all are welcome) will be £10

Please send your entry to:

Mr N. Morral, Warrington Golf Club., London Rd. Warrington. WA4 5HR
by 10th Sept.

Cheques made payable to Warrington Golf Club.
Please enclose a S.A.E and your tel. no.

(If you would like more information on the Golf & Golf Dinner later on in the Summer please notify Nev. and enclose a S.A.E. for your reply.)

A golfer smiles and swings under all difficulties!

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