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Ensure the Future

Ensure the Future of The Old Students' Association

The O.S.A. was founded in 1934 by the Headmaster, J.R.Canney. It is of great credit to Committee Members past and present that the Association has thrived for so long. Originally founded as Lymm Grammar School Old Students' Association, the title was changed to Lymm Old Students' Association a few years ago, in order to embrace all old students, as the School's name has changed twice since 1979.

With changing social patterns,the events that were held so successfully for many years no longer have the same appeal. We have now abandoned the Annual Main Reunion because old students prefer to reunite with their contemporaries. This is quite understandable and in the last 10 years there have been 8 such gatherings. These functions have been a terrific success. Long may they continue!

There is plenty of evidence in this Newsletter of the wonderful time had by those who started at Lymm in 1967 and met at the Lymm Hotel in June last.
Communication is so easy nowadays that organising an event to attract your contemporaries could not be simpler!

In recent years the Committee has maintained contact with members by the Annual Newsletter. The postage and production of which has been largely funded by the '50 Club'.

Fortunately the internet has made life easier for the Committee. Largely through the efforts of Monica and thanks to James Fox, who has set up our website, the future of the Association is assured and in your hands!
Whatever your age, or whereabouts, do make full use of the website.

Whether at home, office or library, just log-on and make known your thoughts and ideas,

Keeping in touch with your former classmates and friends has never been easier.

Lymm Grammar School Girls' 1st Cricket XI, 1931

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