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Seat Belt Campaign

Cheshire Police participated in the national Seat Belt campaign. Involving the use of education and enforcement to promote the wearing of seat belts by all persons travelling in vehicles that are legally required to do so.

In law

  • You MUST wear a seat belt if one is fitted. There are few exceptions to this and the driver is liable to prosecution if a child under 14 years does not wear a seat belt.
  • You MUST NOT carry an unrestrained child in the front seat of any vehicle.
  • Children under three years travelling in the front of any vehicle MUST be carried in an appropriate child restraint. The adult belt may not be used.
  • If an appropriate child restraint is fitted in the front, but not in the rear, children under three MUST use that restraint.
  • If an appropriate child restraint or seat belt is available in the front, but not in the rear, children between 3 and 11 and under 1.5m in height MUST use the front seat restraint or seat belt.

Seat Belt Use

Drivers and front seat passengers should sit as far back as is reasonably possible from the steering wheel or dashboard to reduce the possibility of serious head or chest injuries in an accident.

Lap-and-diagonal belts provide more protection and should be used before lap-only belts.

Never put the same seat belt around yourself and another passenger (adult or child).

Adjust the seat belt properly. Place the lap belt as low as possible over the hips - not over the abdomen. Ensure the shoulder belt lies on the chest and over the shoulder.
Do not leave any slack in the belt.

Many cars are now fitted with height adjusters for the diagonal strap. The diagonal strap should be adjusted to lie centrally over the shoulder and away from the neck.

Adjust the strap so that it lies in contact with your shoulder and slopes up and back to the anchorage point.

Do not interfere with the correct function of the seat belt by fitting any comfort devices that are not recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Belt up in the back. For everyone's sake

Do not attempt to improve seat belt comfort with padding or cushions, It is also not advisable to sit on any mats or cushions other than those originally fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.

Avoid thick clothing (such as coats and jackets) under the seat belt.

The centre rear seats of many cars are fitted with a lap-only seat belt that must be adjusted manually. It is important that you adjust such belts for a snug fit over your hips, without any slack.

Seat Belts save lives and help avoid injury - make sure you belt up - especially in the rear.

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Page last updated: Thursday, 13 January, 2005