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Jackanory Revisited Tuesday evening 1st July

At the Spread Eagle Public House

Word Of Mouth Story Tellers, alias Honor & Nick, provided a mixture of traditional & contemporary tales. Stories that have passed from word to mouth, from generation to generation since time immemorial, long before the printed word stole the uniqueness of this old and noble art. Here in Lymm we are, indeed, privileged to have such people of rare talent (perhaps they could give us all lessons?)

If the imagination permits, one can float away on Nick & Honor’s words and lose oneself from the troubles and events of the day. Their stories are told effortlessly and with humour, charm and finesse, expression and irony.

So with the backdrop of a welsh dresser and oak beams (what better traditional setting) they held forth with such tales as “The Character Who Found Himself in The City Ruled By a King”, “The Curate & The Hat” (related with a full Cornish burr),

“The Beautiful Young Lady Called Dorani” and many more besides.

If we say that these stories occasionally included handsome young men who are usually princes and princesses who are usually beautiful (with long golden hair) then that would only be a part of it but it is in the manner of their telling that injects the charm into this art, a special talent and something that our wonderful village is very fortunate to have with us.


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