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New Sanctuary Cafe opens in Lymm

The 16th May was the official opening of the Sanctuary Café, thanks to a Team of devoted Volunteers, generous donations and hours of planning and organisation behind the scenes.

The building has been refurbished and looks warm, Friendly and inviting. Achieving the ambience, which was the vision and planning for the Sanctuary Café.

Sanctuary Cafe

Gill Fox and Christine Green were present at the official opening of the Sanctuary Café when tributes were given to their late husbands Jeremy Fox and Brian Green who were both committed to the early stages of the Churches together project.

Jeremy a great man of prayer was faithful in his commitment to encourage Christians to work together particularly serving God in the community of Lymm. Brian who became a committed Christian the year before his death was part of Lymm URC’s sister church Thomas Risley in Locking Stumps. Brian was also a great encouragement to the Sanctuary café project. Lester Barr cut the cake at the official opening on May 16th though the café initially opened its doors an April 4th.

Situated next to Lymm Library, with views over the canal the Sanctuary café offers a warm welcome to all serving a wide range of fresh fair-trade, espresso, Cappuccino and latte coffees plus clipper teas, homemade cakes and light snacks. There is even a small craft area for children and a room available for personal prayer and reflection.

The café is open from Tuesday to Saturday 9.30-12.30 (Monday houses Toddler Cafe) Set up and supported by all the Churches of Lymm and District the Sanctuary is staffed by volunteers from across the Christian community.

After repayment of generous HOPE 08 loan from Lymm Baptist Church any proceeds from the café will be used both to pay a part time manager and any surplus will be put back into development of this churches together project. 

(For further information please contact Sue Eadon on 07802 921 891 or Sally Willett on 487 851)





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