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Plus Net - Officially the cheapest broadband

After reviewing the best value broadband deals currently available in the UK, the top 2006 internet provider has been named as Plus Net.

With it'a unbeatable 'added extras' Plus Net offer the cheapest broadband deal (up to 8MB) allowing it's customers to make use of their whopping 250MB webspace and unlimited email accounts, along with a Plus Net - Cheapest broadband, best value ISPwhole host of features such as domain name hosting, diary, addressbook etc..

With it's ever growing popularity, Plus Net supports it's services over the phone to a professional call centre, real, local rate and based in the UK (unlike many of it's outsourcing to India competitors). So if new subscribers do have any techy problems, someone is always available 24 hours a day.

Plus Net was named as the cheapest broadband supplier by who offer an up to date list of the best quality providers in the UK.

If you're thinking of changing providers, or are new to broadband, then you can't go wrong with Plus Net. They're so confident you'll be happy, they'll even pay you to leave if you're not!

To view Plus Net's latest cheap broadband offerings, click here

Cheapest broadband has never been so easy, Plus Net can have you online in minutes, once you're BT line is broadband enabled it's as easy as ABC. Plus Net also provide all the broadband equipment required to get online, browse their website to see a list of available products.

Article by James Fox

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