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The Hon-Secretary on the OSA website

AS A LONG-SERVING member of the Old Students' committee, I have been concerned for some years about the survival of the Association in the 21st century.

This is because we have been unsuccessful in getting younger old students to join the committee to help put together the Newsletter and assist with other tasks necessary to keep the Association going.

What a relief, then, to be able to say that modern technology has saved our bacon! Thanks to a local old student, James Fox, we now have an Old Students' Internet website. The website will allow prompt Old Student updates and, importantly, enable Old Students to communicate directly with each other via email and bulletin (notice) boards. From next year, there will be no printed copy of the Newsletter produced by the OSA. Instead, the Newsletter will appear only on the website - in colour, with photographs(!), and without space limitations.



Some of our older members are somewhat unhappy at the prospect of having to read future newsletters on the internet. Do not be dismayed for help is at hand! Follow James's simple instructions for finding the website and you should have few problems. Even if you don't have a computer, don't worry! Libraries all over the world have internet connection and, we hope, helpful staff. Once you have found the OSA website, all that is required is a simple point and click on subject-lines of articles or information you want to read. (You can always ask for a printout of information you want.)

What it means for me
I am delighted by the creation of the website. Having served on the committee for over fifty years, and as Hon. Sec. for thirty years, knowing that the future of the Association is secure is a tremendous relief. The potential for almost immediate exchange of news and information via the website is virtually unlimited. I think the Association will be rejuvenated as a result. (Just take a look at what's happening there already!) The use of modern technology will dramatically reduce the workload of the committee and also slash our costs. The average age of the committee is about 68 (give or take a decade or two) Although, I have to say that this year's youthful president, Janet Ollier (nee Christison, and Head Girl in 1971), has considerably reduced the batting average!

What it means for you
The biggest change is that this year's Newsletter will be the last printed issue! We will send members who currently receive a Newsletter a postcard in 2002 and 2003 to let you know when the Newsletter is on the internet, as well as a reminder of the internet address of the OSA website. An important point about the website is that it will be accessible 365 days a year. Access to it will be free (apart from your local connection costs, if any). All old students can send in their news or articles, or leave messages for old friends via the bulletin board at any time of the year. As a result, we are no longer restricted to a once-yearly communication with little feedback.
More than ever before the future of the Association is in your hands. So get with it! Get on the Net, find your old friends and send us your news!



Message from James Fox
IF YOU'VE never used the Internet before, here's a quick guide to viewing and leaving a message on a 'bulletin board':

Viewing Messages:
1. Load (start) your web browser (this is usually called 'Internet Explorer' or 'Netscape'). At internet cafes or public libraries with internet access, the browser may already be up on screen.
2. In the 'address' box, type: and then press the Enter (return) key. The Old Students' site will now load. Here you can also view old photos and articles on Lymm, but for now, let's view a message.
3. Click on 'Bulletin Board' on the left-hand menu
4. Messages from other old students can now be viewed, just click to read the messages.

Replying to messages:
If you want to reply to a message, click on the 'Reply to Thread' link, this will then show a new screen where you are able to enter a reply message. Once you've completed your message, click the 'Reply this Topic' button. Your message will then be sent.

Creating a new message:
To Create a new message, click the 'Post a New Message' box at the top of the board, this will show a new screen where you can enter a new message and/or topic.
If you have any problems with the site, please don't hesitate to email me (



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